Drupal - Votes Count


I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants this so as in any democracy votes count.

We have Joomla in our one click goodies but no Drupal. I am a big fan of Joomla and also a developer of this CMS but would also like to see Drupal there too.

If you are the same as me, then please vote and perhaps we can get it as another excellent goodies feature.

To vote please go to your
dreamhost panel under the “Home > Suggestions” tab.

can’t you can install it by yourself ?

one-click is great for non-techies users.
But as a developer i’m shure you can do it :wink:

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Yeah sure I can install it myself, I do however refer customers to Dreamhost for their hosting.

I provide the service but having the one click install/upgrade etc would be a big advantage and would allow the customer to have more control over their solution; for me it’s not the point of charging for extra services such as upgrades but rather providing DreamHost as a provider where I can let my customer manage their website alone and contact us for additional support which can’t be provided through DreamHost.

I’m also sure that new comers to Open Source CMS platforms would like to try both solutions before committing to one. Along with developers having a simpler way to allow their customers to manage their installation.

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Actually, I had a question about these one-click installs. I’ve noticed that DreamHost only has one in every category. So we have phpBB but no SMF.

DreamHost has obviously picked the one they either feel best serves the customer or is the best of breed.

Is there a tradeoff when adding new ones? I mean, will we see updates and support drop off if we have too many one-click installs? I feel having the currently supported ones get updates quickly is the most important thing and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize that by voting to add too many new webapps…

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Hi Lensman,

Think of it as a simple percentages game, you are customer 1 and I am customer 2.

You bring 5 users to DreamHost who choose package L1 and all use one click installs and I bring 10 users who also are on L1 and only 3 use the one click install.

What happens with the other 7 users that arn’t using one clicks? Nothing it costs nothing to manage them, what if these 7 decided to use a one click, how much would it cost to manage them; it would cost the same as it would if one person used it.

It’s all about potential revenue to the company, if DreamHost offered a one click install for Drupal it would influence less users than it would Joomla but if you weigh the cost of providing the pre-packaged file for the one click and also the upgrade options over the lack of support, it would actually cost less if the users joining or current users were using the service.

If it costs $300 in hours to configure and install a one click and you have 3 users using it then you warrant providing the feature, although you are no way near making a profit from it.

Zen Cart is also available as an option and I’m sure that there would be equally as many users using Zen Cart one click as Drupal, which may not be a lot but still its all about numbers and considering how much money it will generate for DreamHost.

If an additional package is installed it will not lessen the support of others, the upgrades do not appear at the same time nor do they have equally regular updates.

It would simply be an additional service if the members of DreamHost were enough to make the finance team actually warrant the new feature.

Perhaps we should start a poll and ask all users what one clicks they use to get the actual figures involved but from a finance point of view it would not lessen the support for any other service provided.

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