Drupal very slow, 500, 404 errors

I’m having problems with a Drupal site. During the day it’s painfully slow, with lots of errors 500 and 404. I searched a lot through Drupal forums, here, the wiki. Many people has the same problem with Dreamhost, but I found no solution.

Tried to change from Fast CGI to CGI, disable modules to a bare minimum, change cache times… Nothing.

In periods like past-midnight, things seems to look OK. Site becomes really snappy.

Support here confirms that Dreamhost has a problem with massive queries CMSs like Drupal. This has something to do with the latency of separate MySQL and PHP servers, the hardware configuration here. They suggest to upgrade to PS. I won’t because there are similar priced hosts with no reported Drupal incompatibilities.

In any case, anybody had luck around this kind of problems?

Thanks in advance.

My DH shared server Drupal performance has, over many months, gone from OK to poor to abysmal to, lately, whatever is below abysmal. For the past few days, attempts to do any sort of configuration have been successful about 1 time in 20 (the rest: Internal Server 500 errors or Page Not Found errors); right now, all sites are down completely, with Internal Server errors.

Troubleshooting has included Fast CGI <-> CGI, Drupal updates, cache cleaning, custom php.ini, much more. I spend far more time trying to get Drupal to work on DH than I do actually working on sites.

Support responses are fast but not helpful. It’s sad because things used to work all right (within reasonable expectations for shared servers), my sites are extremely low on traffic or other demands, and I really like the DH range of features and controls. The problem is that DH simply no longer works for me.

Sorry, I have no answers here, just wanted to blow off a little steam before I start my shopping for a new host. : (

you might want to see if others are overloading your server or not, just to narrow down whether it’s an issue with drupal or the server or what. ssh to your account and type uptime. If the three numbers you see are double-digits, it might indicate that other users’ sites are the cause and should be reported to DH… although I think they monitor that stuff automatically, so they might be on to it already…

That’s good advice, though not the problem in my case. (FWIW, if the three numbers you refer to are load average, they’re 1.58, 2.07, 1.84.)

First: The sudden loss of all sites to 500 errors appears to be something goofy I did in the way of troubleshooting (I had accidentally moved my custom php.ini files). So that was solved pretty fast, and brings most sites back up from the dead, to their previous, merely-lousy performance.

But one site continues to report only 500 errors. That site is off-line, is unknown to anyone, has only one user (me), and is getting no traffic from anywhere else… So excess activity isn’t the problem.

Rather, it’s generating some process that’s killing things. I’m in touch w/ DH and working on it. In the meantime, other sites are more or less active – maybe with only 50/50 chance of errors when making admin changes? Will have to look into the overall picture later, after solving the problem of the one completely down site.

Thanks for the ideas!

ah, you’re troubleshooting… it’s very easy to break everything with a stray character in an .htaccess file or a missing semi-colon in a php script. why not install a virgin copy of drupal on a hidden subdomain to keep as a performance reference? then you can at least compare to see whether it’s your modified copy of drupal that’s causing the errors or DH’s servers which are the culprit. FWIW, I also have a personal website which only I use and I break it all the time. Each time it’s my fault… :stuck_out_tongue: learning from mistakes!

The uptime command was a nice tip. But I think it’s not the case. I’m doing some tests with exactly the same website and database, copied to another host (bluehost). It’s too early to any conclusion, but things are pretty normal there: no errors 500, 404 and not exactly superfast (same as Dreamhost when there are no problems), but there are no painful delays, as a normal Drupal installation should be.

Something I learned here was that this repeated errors 500 and 404 really mess up the cache tables. And, sometimes, it’s impossible even to access the admin area to clear the cache. So this tip could be useful:

thanks guys!

The same with me. What could be the problem? Somewhere I read that it is a matter of slow connections to MySQL?
There is already a solution?

Anyone fiond a solution to any of this? It’s June 2011 and I have the same issues with my Drupal sites on my DH account.