Drupal slow - best settings?

I have created a small Drupal 7 website for the company I am working for. It has less than 30 pages, not a large number of extra modules, and is low traffic. But it is so slow at times, 20 seconds - 5 minutes for load times. I haven’t been able to get help from support, because its fast when they check.

I’ve spent way too much time trying to figure out how to make it faster, and am getting no where. The Drupal Troubleshooting wiki page stuff seems obsolete. I’ve been turning things off and on in the Dreamhost Web Panel domain settings, without any effect. Does anyone know what the best settings are for PHP version, web security, page speed optimization, etc?

I’d use the latest PHP version available with PageSpeed off.

Web security is a bit of a must-have unless you manually tweak things to make it unnecessary.

Did you every resolve this?


I too have a site and it takes a ridiculous amount of time. For example, I was able to register & activate and type out this reply before my page loaded. Annoying.

Bump again

Does dreamhost just not care about customers who need Drupal 7 hosting?

I am currently using a free Amazon EC2 micro instance to host with much better performance, but I appreciate and miss the simplicity of Dreamhost. When my free year is up with AWS I am seriously looking at moving everything over there to an EC2 Small instance after 6+ years with DH.

Yes, I also have this issue. A small Drupal 7 installation that is painfully slow. Can anyone suggest any settings for this?

see this thread, and then ask support to check the apache instance involved.

Thanks! I’ll do that.