Drupal site error - open_basedir restriction in ef

My Drupal site was working fine and then all of a sudden yesterday, it fell apart without me touching it.

I got this error when I tried to go to the site:
open_basedir restriction in effect. I guess I may have to contact Dreamhost about this.

Is Drupal stable enough to use for building a large site without knowing php? I know almost nothing about php and this site just fell apart on its own. I’m trying to build it for a non-profit that could really take advantage of it.

Would I be better off with Joomla or WordPress? I wanted a lot of community features and multimedia features.

I liked the Salamander theme the best out of the Drupal themes because it had three columns, drop down menus, web 2.0 look, works with latest version, and it fills the screen.

Thanks for any advice you can give! I do know some css, just not php.

Drupal is stable, yes.

Have a look at theme garden (google theme garden drupal for url) where you can see live demos of 6 themes. There seems to be a lack of themes for 6 at the moment, so if you are good with css / html templates and so on you might want to port one or two from oswd.org and contribute them! That said the ones that are there are pretty good.

Is this a new account?

The error you are getting is usually encountered when you try to access a new account before the nameservers are pointing to it. open_basedir is a function used to restrict users from accessing each other’s files on a shared directory.

The support wiki has good instructions on how to access your site before - it isn’t in the usual way…

In summary- you set up a subdomain of dreamhosters.com (note the ‘ers’) then use that to mirror your site. Then you type in www.yoursubdomain.dreamhosters.com and you are in.

Have a look at the wiki or the manual for full instructions.

Thanks thetechaddict,

This is not a new site. I contacted Dreamhost and they removed the open_basedir restriction from my files and added them to my main root site!!! Now my main site cannot be accessed. This site is many years old. No response yet.

I heard this has to do with safe mode but I don’t know anything about it. I did not change anything.