Drupal Security and other questions

I have very limited PHP experience (almost none here) so please bare with me. I have gotten Drupal installed on Dreamhost thanks to a lot of help from people on here. My Domains are over with Go Daddy. Now I have a working version of Drupal 4.7 up on my site, I’ve pretty much only figured out how to add themes, content, and menu items on the left, but that’s besides the point.

What I want to know is if there is anything I need to do to secure my drupal site? I know there was an .htaccess edit mentioned in the wiki, but the thing is I have no idea where exactly I’m supposed to add that text to the file? I opened with crimson editor, but beyond that, I’d need an exact location told to me i.e. between which text lines does it need to go?

And beyond that, is there anything I should do know to secure my site? I really have no clue here, so I might need step by step idiots guide type thing. If there is a link to a place with this info presented in an easy to understand fashion I’d be eternally grateful. If not, I would definitely appreciate anyone willing to take the time to explain it to me.

The main thing with any of the popular CMS, forums, etc… out there is to stay up-to-date. If there are holes, someone will find and exploit them, someone else will report them, and the author’s site will release patches/updates.

I don’t know about Drupal, but many sites will have a mailing list you can subscribe to and be informed when there’s a new release, security fix, etc.

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