Drupal problem

I started getting the white screen of death on my drupal installation. I have no access to apache server logs to see why. Any thoughts on how I can figure this out?

on your home logs/domain/http/ there are the logs access and error.log maybe they got a clue or you can try a

curl -l yourdomain.net

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

The error log was empty.

update any modules lately?

Suggestion - only if you get desperate:
Get a full backup of the site, added modules, themes, etc.
Backup your database.
Take a breath and make sure you have everything.
Remove all non-core modules and run update.php.
Problem go away? At least you know it’s software and not server.

Less brutal approach: Lookup disabling but not removing one module at a time, but of course without having to pull up a page to do it. I’ve seen this discussed a number of times at Drupal.org but don’t recall where.

Interested in your results.