Drupal performance -- VPS needed?

I’m running a Drupal 7 site on a DreamHost shared hosting plan. It’s slow as molasses, even with Boost and core caching enabled. Does anyone have any suggestions on speeding up my site? Is anyone having a good experience running Drupal on a VPS?


I echo the performance problems. I used a Drupal 6- based install profile. Performance to the end user is boosted through caching, but is abyssmal for authenticated users (read: CMS administrators). The site receives very little traffic, yet sometimes takes 30 seconds for page draws and content submissions. I suspect the bottleneck is at the MySQL level, but cannot confirm. DH, is there a way to analyze individual sites and recommend how to increase DB throughput?

There seem to be several posts all complaining about Drupal performance on Dreamhost. So Does DH simply not care about Drupal? Can we get an answer? If DH does not support Drupal in any useable way please let us know.

see this thread, and then ask support to check the apache instance involved.

Oh my. I use wordpress on most of my sites. I think I only have one where Drupal has been used. It’s because I don’t find Drupal to be convenient as Wordpress. Wordpress even has plugins where you can find other bad plugins that can cause slowness in your site and all you gotta do is just install plugins like that and problems can be solved quickly. Just saying.