Drupal performance on shared hosting: hopeless?

I have been experimenting with Drupal on my shared hosting account. Even before I begin attempting various measures to tune performance, I have to ask: is it hopeless? The time pages take to load is unacceptable.

Or do I have to upgrade to VPS to get it to run reasonably?

Or do you think WordPress is a better bet?

I know: it depends. I am looking for decent CMS support – let the site owners edit their own site – and something that’s not too hard to theme (so far I find Drupal fairly painful in that regard but haven’t tried all that hard yet). The traffic expectation is low.

But I digress. The question is, what thoughts do you have about Drupal performance on Dreamhost shared hosting?


I don’t use drupal, but i would check out concrete5 and see if it meets your needs, from what you explained of your needs i suspect it’s a better fit.

I stumbled into this now, a full 6 years later, so here’s an update/answer to my own question. I have Drupal 7 going on a shared hosting account, and it’s fine. Drupal’s caching is really smart. It’s worth noting that this is not a super high-traffic site – I imagine that if it were, performance would degrade, but that would likely be true with Drupal or without.

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