Drupal one-click at domain root?

So, I want to install Drupal to my domain root, i.e. www.domainname.com via the (admittedly beta) one-click installer – but it says I can’t and helpfully suggests I used drupal.domainname.com – which I don’t want to do. Nor am I interested in performing mod_rewrite acrobatics to fake it; the whole point of the one-click for me is that I just don’t want to deal with it on that level. Is this impossible or is there something I’m doing wrong here? And my apologies if I’m using the wrong terminology.

It could be due to the Easy One-Click not being hosted on your webserver. That may interfere with how they manage DNS here. There’s nothing stopping you from manually installing it in your root domain.

And as I recall, you can’t mirror an Easy One-Click to make it look like it’s at your root.


Nothing but laziness and disinclination, which I guess I’ll just have to overcome. Thanks for the information.

Actually, there is a way to install an easy one-click in the actual domain rather than a sub-domain, but it is not intuitive at all. If you already have the domain
"hosted" at DreamHost (you see it in the Domains -> Manage Domains" screen), then delete the hosting by hitting the “Delete” button under the “Web Hosting” column for the domain.

Then you will be able to specify the domain for the “one-click” install to use, and the result will be that your Drupal will be at the “base” of the domain. :slight_smile:

–DreamHost Tech Support

I could have sworn that there was a one-click that didn’t allow installation in the root domain. Or maybe I’m just thinking of WebDAV.


The important point, however, is that I will survive this with my laziness fully intact. Thank goodness that in addition to being lazy I also tend to procrastinate. Thanks everyone.

Ah, but one more thing – may I also use the OpenX one-click install to mydomain.com/subfolder? Or would adding mydomain.com back to the domains area be bad or impossible? Thanks again, oh helpful helpful people.

Can’t hurt trying it out.

I find it’s alot neater to install each app into it’s own subdomain rather than a subdirectory. You can install using the same user info so it’s all there in shell/sftp when you login. The user’s subdomains are just directories in their userspace anyway. The same can be said for databases.

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I think, overall, it would be less stressful if you installed drupal yourself. It would only take a few steps with creating the mysql database and using ssh to wget the file directly from drupal.org and extract it into the folder for the domain. I can give you instructions if you run into any problems. I don’t think much of the one-click installs really. No offense to anyone who uses them for whatever reason o.o

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