Drupal on DH

I just wanted to share that I have installed and been running Drupal on DH with no problems. Please note that you have to disable the PHP-CGI global setting on the webpanel. (Well, there may be a way to make it work with CGI, but I gave up after glitch after glitch, and doing a clean install as an Apache module has been effortless. [knock wood])

There were no secret glitches or anything. However, getting the right MySQL syntax to copy over the database was a bit tricky. The Drupal documentation assumes a lot of PHP and MySQL knowledge. OTOH, their discussion threads are very active and helpful.

There’s not a lot of activity here, and when I was considering Drupal there wasn’t much info beyond someone else just saying it was possible (and he had links to two sites to prove it). So I’m just posting this for those considering Drupal for a CMS or blog package.

I’m running Drupal on 3 sites here but I’m using PHP-CGI since I use the file upload feature, which is less secure if PHP-CGI is disabled. It will work without most of the php settings in .htaccess and you can put most of them in your config.php using ini_set:


If you use the file upload feature and have PHP-CGI disabled, you’ll need to set the permissions for your upload directory to 777 since it isn’t running under your userid. If it’s running as CGI, it will run as your own user name so you can use more secure permissions.

Sorry I’m just seeing your response now. That’s good to know you got Drupal running on CGI. For myself, I’m running it as an apache module (no PHP-CGI). I wonder if I’m taking a hit on speed that way?

As for security, I’m using htaccess protections and cannot pull up any subdirectory directly into the browser. Everything goes through the system. Are there other concerns of which I should be aware?


I want to set up a simple blog, nothing too complicated.
I’d like readers to be able to post comments which go to me first, and if relevant will be posted to the site.
I’ve heard of Drupal but I have no idea how it works or what I’m supposed to do with it.
Can someone here clue me in or point me to a good how-to site.

Use WordPress. You can easily install it using the “WordPress” option under the Goodies menu in your panel. Once you’ve installed it, login to WordPress’ admin menu and make your way to Option/Discussions. Once there, select to moderate all comments.