Drupal & MySQL Privileges

Hi Folks-

I recently installed Drupal 5.1 and it seems to be working fine on Dreamhost (although it hasn’t been put to any real stress so far). However, Drupal says that it needs the following MySQL privileges:
and goes on to say:
“Note: Unless your database user has all of the privileges listed above, you will not be able to run Drupal.”

Dreamhost tech support told me that due to the nature of their shared accounts, they do not support CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES and LOCK TABLES, i.e. SQL users by default do not have them and there is no way to grant them.

I see that several people on the forums say that they’ve been running Drupal, including v 5.1, without any problems. Has anyone had any problems, apart from the mentioned mailhandler module problems? Does anyone have any idea as to the consequences of not having those 2 privileges? A little bit of decreased performance or slight data integrity risk would be acceptable, but I’d particularly like to know if people are experiencing any crashing or major corruption.


I got two DB messages repeatedly this morning that were the same ones that are given by Drupal Modules looking to Lock tables and can’t. Even said that the table was locked and couldnt be written to.

…the other one had something to do with a function already being written…which also could be a lock_tables issue.

Then I read this post and crapped myself.

I’ve been developing a Drupal site for over a month…and was of the impression that I had “full control”.

So I called tech support…they called me back…and I DO have FULL Control.

And you do too, probably. DH did not start excluding these two permissions between MySQL3x and MySQL4x like so many other hosters did.

If you drill into the MySQL permissions in the Dreamhost Panel…the Temp, and Lock perm’s are not listed because they are provided by default…like MySQL3 always did.

Thanks to James with DH tech Support for keeping me from having a Coronary…

Thanks for sharing that information; I’m sure it will be helpful to many and address many users’ concerns. I do have on e question though:

How, exactly, did you manage to “call tech support”? I know about the “call back” feature on higher level plans, but have never known there to be a phone contact number for Dreamhost. :open_mouth:

Come on, share, and tell us how you did it! :wink:



Interesting problems, I am currently testing Drupal before migrating a few customers to DreamHost. I have posted a thread requesting Drupal to become a one click install at http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=curious&Number=80396&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=14&part=

I am going to test Drupal over the next week and see what problems I encounter and I will post any solutions to your problems that I find, or even that I found no problems, but I am sure if we can provide enough votes on this request we can make Drupal work as a one click solution.

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