Drupal multisite install help

Right, I’ve started getting this up and running for 2 different domains that I’d like to share a database and the drupal codebase.

I’ve installed drupal 5 into one of the domain folders (www.lightbeingcreations.co.uk) and when I go there I get the drupal front page so that’s working. Now I’d like the other domain (www.lightbeingcreations.org) to share that database. Both these domains share the same FTP user.

I’ve created the folder within drupal so that it now lists /sites/lightbeingcreations.org and edited the settings.php file for that domain. But when I try to view it I just get a blank directory listing.

Is the problem that both domains have their own web directory, ie:

/home/username/lightbeingcreations.co.uk and home/username/lightbeingcreations.org

From what I remembered, DH will ask for a web directory when we register a domain. The particular web directory is for the domain.

The web directory path should be “/home/username/domain.com”

So there should be no problem to have different domains in different web directory.

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