Drupal & multi-site confusion


I am a relative noobie when it comes to drupal and dreamhost, although I have installed drupal on a couple of test sites so I can play around and get to know the program. The only thing is, I have installed it on both test sites and know (from postings here) that there is a way to have one drupal database and run my different sites from that one base.

I have read the wiki and forum, but I just don’t understand a lot of it - because I’m not that familiar with the technical terms. I have uploaded drupal following instructions completely. But I still consider it a stroke of luck that it worked, not from my understanding of why it worked.

Is there a way anyone can explain to me, in very basic terms and from the beginning, how I can do those settings to get them to run from one database? I am OK with dumping what work I have already done (themes, menus, etc…). I was using the test sites just to get to know drupal, there’s nothing on there I can’t recreate.

btw - I have attempted joomla, but don’t find it anywhere as user friendly as drupal. Do you have a preference? If so, why?


Have you read this thread?



Yes I have. And, even that is over my head. I don’t know what shell acess is, how to get that access, what’s a symlink, etc… I’ll read the article more slowly :slight_smile: again and see if that helps and I"ll try the Wiki. I really do OK when I have a step-by-step. thanks.