Drupal Mail API

I couldn’t find anything in the wiki to say what the folder names are in the mail system for setting it up in Drupal. So I’ve tried the default and I seem to be having some issues.

So the question is…

  1. Can anyone see any error?
  2. Particularly the folder names which I’m guessing.


Mail Server Information

Server Hostname:mail.handfoto.com

Host name or IP address of the mail server host
Server Port: 143

Encryption: None
Encryption method used to log into the server

Domain: handfoto.com
The domain name in the users email address. This is how Mail API can determine which server module to use for a user to access their email.

Folder Prefix:{mail.handfoto.com:143/notls}
Some servers store folders as subfolders of INBOX so the full folder name looks like INBOX.folder. If this is the case, specify ‘INBOX.’.

Hide Folder Prefix [yes]
If your folders have a prefix and you want to hide it, check this box.

Inbox Folder: INBOX
The folder where all incoming mail arroves. If not sure set to INBOX

Trash Folder: Trash
If your server uses a folder prefix, specify PREFIX.Trash, e.g. INBOX.Trash.

Sent Folder: Sent
If your server uses a folder prefix, specify PREFIX.Sent, e.g. INBOX.Sent.

Drafts Folder: Drafts
If your server uses a folder prefix, specify PREFIX.Drafts, e.g. INBOX.Drafts.

Outbox Folder: Outbox
This is the path to the ‘Outbox’ folder, if the mail server supports sending emails in this manner. If this folder does not exist in the user’s account, it will be created. Any SMTP settings will be ignored if this is used.

Connection options: /notls
Some connections may require additional options, please specify them here.

Login Suffix: handfoto.com
If your mail server requires a string appended to the username, e.g. user@domain.com or user+domain.com, enter it here.