Drupal Installation

I’d like to try out drupal… but I don’t want to use the one-click install because I want to be able to try out different templates, etc.

Unless I’m missing it completely (which I very well might be), I can’t find a good guide on drupal.org to installing drupal in Dreamhost.

Anybody here have any tips for a newbie?

I am a noob… I just found the nice wiki article on installation.

I will take anyone’s advice on using drupal. I have little knowledge of web design. This is all one big experiment for me.


Drupal has a steep learning curve, so just install it in a subdomain and experiment to your heart’s content. While you’re at it, install other packages under different subdomains as well, such as Joomla, which is similar, but available with an Advanced One-Click so you can mess with it more.