Drupal installation skips creating an account

No matter how many times I clean out the directory and re-install, or what version I use, my install process skips from “Verify Requirements” to “Install Site” (skipping “Set Up Database”, which seems kind of important) and gives me a blank page (other than the thing on the side that says we’re at “Install Site”). You can see this in action at

It looks like the installation completed, but it never let me create an admin account. So I can go to http://map.facingabuse.com/drupal-6.5/ and see all the lies about how I’ll be configuring my site and adding content now - but I can’t do any of it because I’m not logged in. And I can create a new account in the sidebar and log in, but I still can’t do anything because it’s not an admin account.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

[color=#00CC00]Panel > Goodies > MySQL Databases[/color]

Click [color=#0000CC]phpMyAdmin[/color] under Web Administration and login to your database.

Select your Drupal database and click on drupal_users in the left pane.

Click the Browse TAB up top of the right pane.

Click the pen icon next to user “1” under the ‘uid’ heading (often “admin”).

Type the password you want in the password field and select MD5 under “function”.

Hit the Go button at lower right.

Log in to your site :wink:

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I swear I did all of that exactly, and now when I try to log in it tells me, "Access denied
The username admin has not been activated or is blocked.
You are not authorized to access this page."
Did I miss something else I needed to do?

In that same record, see if there’s a value for Active. It’s probably a 0 and should be set to 1. Since my test Drupal is an Easy install, I don’t have access to the database.


Well if you did create another account (or you have the ability…) here is what I would do. First thing is log into phpmyadmin and pick your database. Then pick the drupal table for users. Select the browse tab at the top. The admin account is going to be the one with uid 1. If you have no account that has its uid 1 then select edit on the other name you had created (looks like a pencil) and just change the value to 1. Scroll down to the bottom and the drop down should be on save and just click go and that should be it. You should then be able to log in with the other account you created and it will be your administrative account.

I really need to start looking at the dates of these posts lol.

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