Drupal install.php goes to cgi-system

I’m trying to install drupal 5.2 and the initial install.php script fails and forwards to the /cgi-system/ directory. I think this is an artifact of dreamhost using php.cgi but am not sure what to do about it. Any clues? Nothing is mentioned about this in the drupal section of the wiki.


ok, I found that by loading the install.php file directly, it loads the first page of the install script correctly, but when you try to submit the database info, it again goes to a cgi-system page error.

So this makes me think that there is some disconnect in the way that drual (or it’s install script) is interacting with dreamhost’s PHP. Is anybody else running Drupal 5.2 ok on dreamhost?

Sounds like it could be related to PHP-CGI usage here. I have installed Drupal here before, but not version 5.2.

What exactly is the error message you are getting?


I’m not up and running yet, but I found the solution to the immediate problem here:

It’s releated to drupal’s .htaccess and how dreamhost runs php as cgi.

yes… drupal works here… although i have compiled my own php… I have a single drupal code base hosting 6-8 drupal sites… let me know if I can be of assistance…

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