Drupal Install is still pending! (after 8 hours)


I am register today, my domain ebooks-pilot.com (not delegated yet). Wordpress installed ok, but Drupal Install is still pending! (after 8 hours) Admins, please help with drupal installation


If you need to get dreamhost support’s attention you need to open a support ticket. https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg&

The forum is primarily for users to help others user, although occasionally they do provide helpful information, this is not the official method to reach support.


It seems I can not do that because I do not have a full-featured DreamHost account, only DreamHost Apps free account. I was able to login to panel.dreamhost.com, but I can not send a message to support service, and I found the following proposition in my DreamHost Apps Control Panel :

Upgrade to full-featured web hosting from DreamHost!
When you upgrade…

  • You’ll get access to email-based technical support from the DreamHost team! (Telephone support is available for an additional monthy fee.)

It seems that customers of free DreamHost Apps are not eligible for DreamHost technical support, so I have to ask on the forum.

Those who had problems with installing Drupal? For more than 20 hours its status is “Install is still pending!”. I tried to remove Drupan to Recycle Bin, and then reinstall, but reinstalling did not even start, so I restored it from the Recycle Bin and again it have message “Install is still pending!”