Drupal Image Gallery

I am so close to getting Drupal set up the way I want it. I just can’t get past this one thing with the image uploader. I get this error when I try to post an image:

warning: rename(tmp/tmpthumb_7436b93fa4cbc568bd783fee1eba96fd.jpg,gallery/thumbs/thumb_7436b93fa4cbc568bd783fee1eba96fd-11.jpg): No such file or directory in /home/.illustrator/gregmills/miamichurch.org/modules/image/image.module on line 827.

warning: rename(tmp/tmpimg_7436b93fa4cbc568bd783fee1eba96fd_640x480.jpg,gallery/7436b93fa4cbc568bd783fee1eba96fd-11_640x480.jpg): No such file or directory in /home/.illustrator/gregmills/miamichurch.org/modules/image/image.module on line 835.

warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/.illustrator/gregmills/miamichurch.org/includes/common.inc:344) in /home/.illustrator/gregmills/miamichurch.org/includes/common.inc on line 155.

I skipped one step in the image module intall process because I couldn’t find instructions on how to do it anywhere. That was the second part of step 6, “Both of these folders need the appropriate permissions so that your PHP can write to the folder.”

Is that what is causing the errors? If so how do I give PHP the permissions on my gallery and thumbs folders? And what permissions are appropriate?

The site is www.miamichurch.org

Thanks in advance!