Drupal, Dreamhost, Users. OMG!

…that’s the best way i can describe my situation as my brain has turned to mush.

I spent the last 4 hours tweaking the css of my site (rocketgirl.archidroid.com) and my main gripe was with the bg.png.

I made sure it was all gone (i even added a tilda ~ to it just incase i missed it somewhere in the css) and had a friend verify that it was gone, only to be told that it was still there, along with all old stuff i spent deleting.

Long story short, turns out i’ve got 2 users with access via ftp to this subdomain. At some point a few months ago i attempted creating another user for my client/friend to upload images we were going to use for the shop. I think i FUBAR’d there as all the files are now explicitly editable by this new user. The only problem is that the sub-domain doesn’t point to these files.

I’m lost as to how there could possibly be a duplicate of my site when i didn’t do so?! is it something to do with the database??

I’m sorry if i haven’t come across too clearly, this is all such a steep learning curve for me and i’m determined to finish this site in 3 weeks :-/

If the other user’s images are showing up it could be that you’ve remapped a sub-directory at some point in time for this to work in the first place. Remove any remapping and clear any caching you may have implemented.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

…i guess that makes sense. But the only problem is i don’t actually know how to re-map sub-directories (yet) so don’t know how to undo/remove it. Ditto with the caching.

Maybe it happened automatically when i added a new user via Dreamhost?

my own site’s confusing me now :-/ (serves me right for leaving it on its todd for 2 months)

Check that the correct user is listed as owner in Panel:

[color=#0000CC]Domains > Manage Domains[color=#0000CC]

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost