Drupal db access frustration

This subject is covered ad nauseum in these forums - I have looked over the posts and tried the ‘whitelist’ fix but am still getting this error:

The mysql error was: Access denied for user ‘xxxxxxxxxxx’@‘’ to database ‘xxxxxxxxxxx_drupal_db’.

I have checked the IP and whitelisted it as:, and 69.163.%.% without any change in the behavior.

I have also tried variations in the

$db_url line in settings.php

It currently reads:

$db_url = ‘mysql://username:pwd@mysql.xxxxxxx.com/xxxxxxxx_drupal_db’;
$db_prefix = ‘’;

If I mess up the username, password and mysql.xxxxxx.com server name the error message changes accordingly, so I don’t think the error is in these.

Any suggestions?



Sorted this myself - to the extent of a workaround.

There is some sort of cruft in my db that hoses access.

If I start with an empty db the access error I described in my first post does not occur.

There are other problems, of course, as I’m trying to resurrect a previously-working drupal installaiton and an empty db isn’t very useful.