Drupal Contact Form Fix?

I posted this in the General Troubleshooting section, but this section looks more on point.

We learned this week that the default contact page for Drupal does not work due to Dreamhost’s policy on spamming/spoofing. Putting aside the thought of hundreds of customer emails that have gone unresponded to over the last year, we’re desperate to fix the broken form.

I found this thread, but it’s way over my ability level.

The extent of my ability is to cut and paste working code into the contact.pages.inc file. Has anyone done such a workaround for Drupal on Dreamhost? I’d just like it work the way it did before Dreamhost changed its policy.


The original poster actually gave instructions.

[quote=“tentonjim, post:1, topic:57651”]Here is a link to download this custom module, it’s only 2 files… unzip into your /sites/all/modules folder and then go to /admin/build/modules and expand “Other” and enable “Custom Form Overrides” and you should be good to go.

Made it work (sort of). Thanks!

Just got your email - you got it working?