Drupal and domain names


I have an account with DreamHost with the domain mydomain.com. Next I wanted to install drupal. In the goodies section of the web panel, I chose to do the one click install under “easy mode” of drupal.

When installing drupal the DreamHost panel requested that the install be placed at a subdomain, I chose drupal.mydomain.com. What I wanted was the drupal install to be put at mydomain.com.

Is there a way to either install drupal to mydomain.com or alternatively have mydomain.com alias drupal.mydomain.com without a full redirect?


Easy one-clicks can’t be installed in a Fully Hosted (i.e. existing) domain or subdomain.

I’ve not tried one-clicking Drupal into a domain, but I’ve done it to a subdomain. I’m surprised it doesn’t let you install it into example.com. The Goodies form does say “Domain (or sub-domain).” But if you’ve already installed it a subdomain, you can create a Mirror Domain that’s a mirror of that subdomain. That’ll work just fine.


Thanks for the response.

I took a look at doing what you said. In my web panel I tried to set up my domain as a mirror of my drupal subdomain but the drupal subdomain: drupal.mydomain.com does not appear in the mirror drop down list.

Dang, that’s a bummer. I hadn’t thought of that, nor did I check. The dropdown only shows the domains listed in the Domains -> Manage Domains list.

Your two choices are: do a redirect, which isn’t that great, or re-install Drupal as your domain. If you’ve already set up your Drupal nicely, see if there’s a Database Dump/Backup utility in the Admin menu. Create a new Drupal, then dump from your old install and restore to your new install.


I am confused about this. I have installed a one click Drupal. It created a subdomain: drupal.mydomain.com however that does not show up in the list of domains not in my ftp client (though it is on the same server etc? It is just a test site - later I’ll set up the real thing on a new domain.

I want to add modules, can I do that with this one click install?

Walter Logeman

the one-click install of drupal is garbage anyway. if you want to customize the look of your site you should do a manual install yourself. you can download the files from drupal.org and the instructions are fairly straightforward. the one-click install is ok if you just want to play around with it but you can’t really alter any of the files, you just get the default install with a few themes/modules and that’s it.

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One-click has it’s place. Great for checking out capabilities and getting a feel for what you can do. Once you’ve decided you want to use Drupal (or whatever tool) best to start from scratch, so you understand what’s going on under the hood.