Drupal and clean url

hi there,

is there anybody who would know if it is possible to turn the ugly urls that Drupal is generating by activating some kind of options on the server?

i read about the mod_rewrite. How does that work, really, Within Drupal?

Cause right now, it doest work like the server doest support it.

Thanks for the assistance


I’m rarely a Drupal user, but a search says that there’s an Admin Panel option to enable clean URL’s, plus you need to modify .htaccess in your domain’s root directory.



What you’re describing is a subset of a technique called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Specifically this makes SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs. The real benefits are debateable, but it’s a lot easier to read the urls. Try here for a tutorial on the built-in features. I don’t know who this site is run by as I use Joomla, but the concept is the same. Someone here might be able to help once you get started.



Thanks guys.

But i’m already aware of all that. What i want to know now is this: Is dreamhost has the mod_rewrite enabled?

Anyway, i think that the servers are running cgi, not apache. Does cgi offers the possibility of enabling mod_rewrite or something that will permit the use of clean urls?

That is my question.

Thanks again


Servers are all running Apache, but PHP is served via CGI (instead of mod_php). You can certainly use mod_rewrite. I have one Drupal 4.7 site on DreamHost that uses clean URL and have absolutely no problem.

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Yes. mod-rewrite is an apache module, and it is installed and operational for all DH accounts.

The servers are running apache (the web server) and cgi is enabled in the apache configuration.