Drupal 6 sudden 404 Server Error

Hi all,
I started working with my Dreamhost account last night and installed Drupal 6 no problem. For external modules, I’m using CCK, Views, and Admin Menu. I was working on creating some content, everything was working fine, then suddenly, the site just stops working.

Going to http://www.katherinelynch.org (my site-baby in question) yields a cold, cold “Server Not Found Error 404” message. FTP still works but I can’t access anything on the web that I upload. I have another domain also hosted with Dreamhost (no Drupal or anything on there yet) and it’s accessible, even the katherinelynch.org subdomain I took out appears to be fine (again, no Drupal or anything there either), but I can’t access www.katherinelynch.org or the database there. Is this a Drupal thing? I reported the outage last night and DH support emailed that they couldn’t confirm an outage and like I said, ftp etc is working fine. Any ideas about what’s going on and how I can get back into my site?? I feel like a lost puppy without the ability to build on it.

Thanks for any help you can give me!


Works for me.

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