Drupal 1 Click Install?

While being refferred to Dreamhost, I was told by 2 people that they offerred a 1 click install of the Drupal CMS, but ont their list of 1 click installs they don’t show it.

Do they or do they not offer it? Just curious, not like this will actually affect my decision. I need desperately to get away from Globat.

I’m guessing they were confusing it with Joomla, which is a one-click install.

You can still install it on your own, though.

Here an article in the wiki that covers installation.

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Thanks for the quick reply and thanks for the wiki page. Like I said, I was only asking out of curiosity, its not like it will impact my decision.

Here’s what you can install with “1 click” :


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And it really is easy to get things going. Unlike fantastico’s 30 varying step install, it’s really quick to get it to the basic install of these apps as they have made them all generally the same until the app is configured for your domain.

It’s pretty slick and the default installs all play nice on shared servers.


and the one click updates are cool too :slight_smile:

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