Drummed out by spambots

For several years I’ve been using midPhase to host a handful of domains and subdomains, most of which are WordPress blogs. I have a lot of large media files but not a great deal of traffic or anything very intensive.

Recently one domain (my personal blog) has gotten slammed by spambots. The WP plug-in Akismet prevented the spam from appearing on my site, but the sheer volume of traffic brought the server to its knees. They suspended my account until I installed the Bad Behavior plug-in, which I thought would fix the problem – but it did not. This particular site continued to get massive numbers of connections, presumably from spambots hitting wp-comments-post.php.

My host suspended my account again. They want me to upgrade from my $12/month shared hosting plan to a $50/month shared hosting plan. This seems ridiculous for a handful of sites that generate virtually no income and are really not very popular in the big scheme of things.

I was disappointed by my host’s customer service throughout this debacle. I am contemplating a move to DreamHost for that reason alone.

But, I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts about the spambot issue. If I move the domain in question to DreamHost will I just have the same problem again? Has anyone reading this had comparable problems, and was DreamHost able to provide help?

Wow, what sort of traffic are we talking about? I would imagine that it was fairly significant if it brought the server down.

Obviously, sites on DreamHost are not immune to this type of ‘spam attack’, but I can’t recall ever hearing of a DreamHost account being suspended for such a reason.

Edit: Although I have heard of accounts being temporarily suspended because an online form was compromised and used to send spam from the account.


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Wordpress has been targeted by heavy spambots recently
my blog also been targeted by spam at least 300 spam/day.

Bad-behaviour can’t handle spambots
try spamkarma2 to protect your blog, it works for me.

This blog is protected by dr Dave’s Spam Karma 2: 381 Spams eaten and counting…


To make some damage, where they just spambots, or a DOS attack? 300 or 500 connections a day shouldn’t affect your site. Only if they were all at the same time.
Closing comments to that blog is out of the question? Maybe even removing that file?
Best of luck!

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Are the connections coming from all over the place or just a few IPs or IP ranges? Because if it’s that intense of a bombardment I’d definitely consider clipping a few IPs using .htaccess.

They let me look at the logfiles. There were over 10,000 requests for wp-comments-post.php in four hours. I suppose that is a lot. They said this was bringing the whole server down. I don’t know enough to know whether this was really caused by spambots or if it was DoS.

I don’t believe any plugin or removing the file would have helped. I suggested moving the file or changing the name but they said that wouldn’t help because it’s the requests themselves that are overloading the server.

That’s really a lot. But if the problem is the number of requests, blocking them (running a script) would require more of the server than just serving a 404 not found page.
But I’m not a server admin.

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Yep, it’s pretty sad. If you don’t close or moderate your comments, your reputation will be affected. I’ve seen important blogs with really awful and offensive comments. And the one you showed us, moua, no comments for that comment…

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A lot? that is insane for a low traffic blog!

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[quote]If I move the domain in question to DreamHost will I just have the same problem again? Has anyone reading this had comparable problems, and was DreamHost able to provide help?


I think they’d provide some help, but you can’t expect too much custom help for a few bucks a month.

Edit: At one time they disabled all or most non-standard formmail scripts because they were being overwhelmed with outgoing spam.

They need more support help.
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