Dropping Starting Disk Space

I just notice with dreamhost plan that there is a daily dropping starting disk space and bandwidth. Is it really dropped ? Wow… will that continue until it reach just 1 GB or less ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just curious…

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It is all explained at the bottom of this blog post…


Thankfully, the reduced quota does not affect customers who sign-up using a promo-code. The ‘old’ quota limits apply for these sign-ups (200GB/2000GB for the level 1 plan etc.).


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Ah… I see,

So, it’s encouraging the new user to setup using promo code so it’s benefitting customer most.

Great DH, maintain the good supports and maybe… more features ? :wink:

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Who really knows for sure? DH could change the program at any time !

All is explained in this DH Blog Post. :wink:


(small print - new customers signing up with a promo code are not subjected to the daily decreasing quotas - :wink: )

I don’t think it’s so much that as helping promo-codes maintain some modicum of truth-in-advertising, but I’m just guessing. I’m sure one of the old-timers has the lowdown on that too!

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So, it’s true that Dreamhost was much superb before ?

Well, as I see from the blog given to me… I understand they’re now trying to fix bad reputation for being oversell things.

From my experience with DH for 6 months, their response time is good to me. Can say that I’m quite happy here. That’s why I’m surprised with the dropping disk that I’ve just noticed.

Beside DH, I also do have good impression on hostmonster, quite fast from here and the response time is also good. One of my client’s site is hosted there. :slight_smile:


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One thing I’m curious about is what would happen if I upgraded to a higher package.

I signed up on L1 with a code so got the initial 200gb/2tb if I upgrade to a higher package at some point would I get the higher starting amount on that or the reduced amount?

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Naaa… all hosts oversell–and DH can actually back up what they offer.

The ones that do the most crying about how evil overselling is are people that can’t compete on that level.

If you were to monitor a hosting site like webhostingtalk.com, you’d see the most people seem to define overselling as, “anyone that offers more than I do for the same price or less.”

I think it’s just another funny, yet effective, marketing gimmick. It’s not like it drops enough to matter. They can sit there and keep lowering stuff, while still offering more than the competition. Plus, like already said, it doesn’t even affect you when you use a promo code… and it continues to grow back as soon as you sign up anyway.

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Now that is a very good question. I suspect that you would get the reduced quota, but only DreamHost can tell you for sure.

If you do happen to ask them, be sure to report back with the answer.


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