Dropbox to DreamObjects



It might be a strange idea, but is there a way to make backups of my Dropbox account to DreamObjects?

I have most of my files in Dropbox. And when a project ended, I remove it from syncing in Dropbox (through the Selective Sync option in Dropbox). This way my files are still in Dropbox, but are not taking up space on my HD. It’s an easy and simple way of using the advantages of Dropbox and keeping my HD clean.

The problem is that I’m not sure if I can trust Dropbox to host my files when I delete them from the sync, without making a backup myself. I was thinking of making backups to DreamObjects. But is there a way to automate this process?


I’m not aware of anyway to automate something like this. It’s especially difficult if you have a hard requirement of only backing up files that you’re removing from the Dropbox sync.

Just off the top of my head, you could setup a cron job on your machine to run boto_rsync to copy all the files in your Dropbox folder to a DreamObjects bucket.


It’s not my intention to only backup files that I remove from the Dropbox sync. I want a complete backup of my Dropbox account. But I was hoping to there was a way to do this without my computer, as not all my Dropbox files are on it.

I found this: https://mybackupbox.com/
But I think it only works with Amazon S3.


That looks interesting. I’ll see if they’ll include support for DreamObjects.