Drop down navigation bar



Hi I am currently in the process of designing new pages for a new website I hope to host with dreamhost. I was wondering if you could provide some design advice:
I want to have a navigation bar on one page which has a menu drop down when you hover over certain parts. Just like the navigation bar across the top here:


could you recommend the best way of doing this?


I’m a beginner so if you could explain things I would appreciate it!



Take a quick look at about the first 4 or 5 links on this page
Drop Down Navigation


The drop down from the site you shown is a javascript drop down menu. There are a number of free scripts you can use, or if you are using Dreamweaver CS3 you could use a Spry Menu and the design view for pretty easy development. I haven’t used the newest version of Fireworks, but I know that Fireworks 8 had a dropdown menu builder in it that could be exported, and it could be built visually. Besides the javascript version, there are CSS ways of doing it as well, and many good tutorials out there that can give step by step methods and explanations on the process. A little bit of Google using terms like “horizontal drop down menu CSS” or “horizontal drop down menu javascript” should show you everything you need. As a beginner you may want to stick with canned solutions like the Dreamweaver tools if you have that option, or the javascript tools that are abundant.