Dremahost vs Drupal .. Once again Dreamhost delated my post!

This is not fair Dreamhost delated my posts…

If you want to install Drupal 7 on Dreamhost - you may need to use different hosting. We keep struggling with dreamhost support for a long time now. They installed for us Drupal because the watcher kills the processes all the time - it was impossible to install it, not mentioning running the site - so sloooow. It’s not about our scripts - it’s genuine simple Drupal installation that has the same problems. I have 3 pages based on Drupal but performance is so bad that I can’t show it for my clients. They can’t help us so they blame Drupal. Guys - take a look WHO uses Drupal: http://egressive.com/article/who-uses-drupal .

Whitehouse, BBC, Ubuntu, IBM, AOL, Harvard, CERN… Everyone uses Drupal. So wake up Dreamhost! Help us or tell your customers they can’t get what they deserve.


I have never had a problem installing Drupal on my account and I’ve been using it since 4.x. I installed Drupal 7 without issue.

I’m having problems with the Drupal install, but this is my first time doing it (have been building and testing on localhost). This might sound dumb, but do i place the un-extracted file folder into the directory or do i expand it and then place it into the directory? How do i upload/transfer my existing site? I’ve done a lot of modification to it from the basic state and don’t want to re-create it, although I will if that’s the only way to get it up and running
Help!!! So Frustrated!

Well if you have it on localhost it should be a matter of transferring all of your files from whatever directory on your computer to the directory you want drupal to be served from. You will need to create a mysql database and hostmask (or use an existing one). I am going to assume you have phpmyadmin or something similar on your local machine as well so export the database then import it into the mysql database you created on dh. Don’t forget to update settings.php in the sites folder with the correct hostmask, user and password instead of localhost.

Can I ask you what if you aren’t using a localhost version, I don’t want to mess around with all that on my own computer etc.
Do you upload the compressed Drupal file?

well it depends on if you are using ssh or not in reguards to uploading the compressed file. but then again if you are using ssh you can just wget the file directly to your account and uncompress it via command line which will be much much quicker than ftp from your own computer :slight_smile:

anyhow if you have the compressed file on your computer uncompress it and upload contents of the drupal folder to the directory you want drupal to be served from. you will need to have a mysql database and hostname ready for use. just follow the instructions it is pretty straight forward.

Can I ask you again then as you obviously know what you’re doing (I scanned some of your posts) have you ever used Drush?
I have been looking at this book:
and he recommends it, and there were a few comments I found on drupal site about wgit vs drush:
I thought you might have a comment or be interested.
Thanks a lot, again.

i have never had the need to use drush but i am familiar with what does. it uses command line for functions you can do via the web interface in most cases. i would assume it makes it quicker to sync between your development and live site. its not that hard to just keep a local copy on your machine and update that instead of working on a dev site that you have on the web host though. mostly with drupal it would be just a matter of updating the mysql database and any other custom files you may have altered on the live site.

point is, if you are comfortable with working mostly with command line drush may be for you. if you prefer a more visual approach you wouldn’t like it. i use ssh a lot plus i’m a linux user but i have never been inclined to use drush.