Dreamy weekend reading #171020 - WordPress Indieweb and Open Source News

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Semantic Linkbacks plugin for WordPress gets facepiles support

The webmention IndieWeb WordPress plugin now facilitates more streamlined conversations and interactions online. The updated version now shows nice summaries of likes and reblogs, instead of wasting space to show them as comments. Check the post by Chris Aldrich.

Native HTML5 captions and titles for audio content with WebVTT

If publish podcasts, or any sort of spoken audio or video on your site, you may be interested in this how-to. Marty McGuire describes in details how to produce short audio snippets with full transcripts and publish them online.

Transitioning to Full Time Freelance

An updated goodie from Joe Casabona about his experience transitioning to full time free lance. A good read if you’re considering the move to increased freedom and responsibility.

What’s new in WooCommerce 3.2: Improved coupons and extension management

WooCommerce released version 3.2 improving how it handles discounts and extensions. Lots of other improvements under the hood too.

Tusk - An Open Source ‘Evernote’ desktop app

Tusk is an open source clone of the popular Evernote app. It runs on Linux, Windows and Mac. Tusk uses the Electron framework to wrap Evernote’s web app and turn into a desktop app with keyboard shortcuts, a dark theme and more. Read the review or go straight to get the latest release.

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