Dreamy weekend reading #171013 - WordPress Indieweb and Open Source News

A not-so-random collection of interesting stories to read over a lazy weekend. Enjoy!

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Decentralized Web Pt 3: Join the IndieWeb

Indieweb is (in brief) a people-focused alternative to the “corporate web”. It’s a very fascinating set of people, protocols, and code that will remind you of the early days of the Web… and even better. This blog post by Dan Gillmor is an interesting way to get started.

The Open Source ecosystem: the forgotten victim of EU copyright reform

EU copyright reform is on track to inadvertently undermine Europe’s open source ecosystem. As European lawmakers in Brussels prepare to vote, Open Forum Europe and the Free Software Foundation Europe call for developers and internet users to action.

If you’re European, check SAVE CODE SHARE platform to help lawmakers to fundamentally rethink Article 13 of the EU Copyright Reform to protect Free and Open Source Software.

Liquid is an open source templating language developed by Shopify

This templating engine will enable you to start building powerful and immersive ecommerce templates
If you’re familiar with other templating engines/languages like jinja then Liquid will sound familiar. It’s designed specifically with online e-commerce sites. The code is on github and an intro is on Shopify blog

Flarum: interesting forum platform in PHP

This popped on my radar recently: a next-generation forum software that looks modern, much like Discourse. It’s written in PHP, making much easier to run on normal hosting platform, including DreamHost shared hosting or VPS (unlike Discourse, which requires higher-end machines). It’s not as mature of course and still in beta, with a much smaller community but Flarum seems interesting enough to keep an eye on. Official website


InstaLooter is a program that can download pictures and videos from any profile or hashtag on Instagram, without any API token. It is even possible to download pictures and videos from a private profile your are following using your credentials to log in.
Read the docs

Storyboarder - The best and easiest way to storyboard.

Storyboarder makes it easy to visualize a story as fast you can draw stick figures. Quickly draw to test if a story idea works. Create and show animatics to others.
Looks very interesting and although the author has a weird interpretation of what open source means, the software looks interesting enough to share. Code is on github. More on https://wonderunit.com/storyboarder/

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