Dreamweaver's Links?

Alright so, I have the website essentially up and running for the most part, except for one problem. If you click on the links to go to the other pages of the site, it’s not working, even if I did add the various pages link like this: “contact.html” or this: “http://www.calebw.com/contact.html” or this: “www.calebw.com/contact.html”. For some reason, it’s actually adding an additional “http://www.calebw.com” to the page I want it linked too.

For example, if I made linked the navigation bar too: contact.html, if you would click it, it would make it, “http://www.calebw.com/www.calebw.com/contact.html

I’m very confused on how to fix this through Dreamweaver (I’m not a super expert about it, but I can basically get basic things and navigate around). Thanks a lot! :smiley:

I’m guessing you solved it 'cause it’s working great now :slight_smile:

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