I’m fairly new to Web site design and have taught myeslf XHTML and CSS. I recently signed up w/ Dreamhost and successfully opted for the WordPress install. All went well there. My Web site is a tribute to Philadelphia original music, past and present, and I will be using the WordPress blog for its home (index) page.
I am creating the rest of the site in Dreamweaver MX, and using its FTP. No problem there.
So, my trouble lies in the area of linking to and from individual pages from the WordPress blog. Does anyone know if this can be done? If so, which folder on Dreamhost’s (remote) server should these non-WordPress files go? Should the files be placed in a folder outside of the folder that the WordPress files are in?
Please forgive me for sounding like an idiot. Just getting started.
Thanks in advance for the help!

You can just put them in the same area. As long as there are no conflicting file/folder names you’ll be fine. I use two movable type blogs to run my entire site and they get on fine.

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What I want to do is integrate WordPress with my existing site I’ve created in Dreamweaver MX. Basically, I want to link to the pages of my site from links in WordPress, then back again.
Does that make sense?
DreamHost installed my WordPress so I assume I need not mess with my .htaccess file to use permalinks.
I just don’t know how to link to pages outside of WordPress, using WP as my home page.
Should I simply create a static front page>
Can anyone clear this up for me?