Dreamweaver, WinSCP, and more :)


Is there a way to login via Dreamweaver or WinSCP with sudo access or enable these programs to edit/upload files or webpages?

I’m currently logging in with dhc-user and I get the permission denied error every time I attempt to upload or edit a file/page. I’m sure it’s something simple and embrassing to not know (eh, new to Linux/Cloud hosting), but can someone help a guy out? :slight_smile: I don’t want to copy and paste my site using vim or nano…

Also, since DreamCompute is out of beta, has anyone figured out how bandwidth will be priced? The FAQ for DreamCompute says that it will be determined after beta.

Not a big deal but instead of $4.50 for semisonic I am being charged $4.83. On 2016-07-24 I was charged $5.08. Not complaining, I was just under the impression that $4.50 was the monthly cap. Just trying to plan out my expenses per instance that is all. Like I stated, not a big deal as this is very amazing, at least to me anyway!

Is there a way to login via Dreamweaver or WinSCP with sudo access or enable these programs to edit/upload files or webpages?

For DreamWeaver, you would want to use SFTP and it only supports using SSH keys, so that needs setting up with your private key to connect. There are instructions a bit further down on this page:


For WinSCP, check out:


The default username is dhc-user and the key you selected when you created the instance. Once you login with that, you can become root and setup whatever users you like and turn on password authentication if you wanted.

If it is having errors uploading, make sure it is uploading to /home/dhc-user/. If you need to upload files outside the home directory, you may need to “chown” the directory to the dhc-user or another user before so it has access.

As for billing, it is not fully hammered out but the expected situation is that a healthy chunk of bandwidth will be included with each account per month, and an overage will be charged above that. We should have more specifics soon.

As for the instance being charged more, that is odd. Were there multiple semisonic instances running at the same time perhaps for a short period of time? If you do see oddness still please open and ticket and we can dig into what is going on and clarify!


If you open up a support ticket from the DreamHost account control panel we’ll be able to investigate a bit more into the billing charges. - https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg&category=cloud

One thing to note is that the monthly cap is per-instance.


Thanks for the reply!

Sent in a ticket today.

I am able to connect with Dreamweaver and WinSCP with no problems. It’s just that I cannot put any of my files to the server. That is where I get the permission denied.

I think I need to use chown to make dhc-user the owner of the folders I would like to edit via WinSCP. I would like to be able to edit files like my httpd, php, and what not with WinSCP.

Is there a way to make dhc-user have the same rights as root? This way I wouldn’t have to enter sudo or sudo su - to manage my services?

Thanks for the help!

What you really need is to allow the files owned by the dhc-user to be read by the HTTP server.

I don’t know what http server you use or what operating system but there are tutorials that will help you out

This is a start:

You may want to use something like serverpilot.io to simplify the server’s management.