Dreamweaver to Dreamhost Problem -- please help!


I’m in the process of uploading my site from Dreamweaver CS5. When I look in the Dreamweaver -> Files -> Remote Server dialogue box, all of my files are in it. When I look at my Net2ftp page, all the files are in it.

The problem is that my index page doesn’t show the images that are supposed to be dependent to it.

I have observed that my Remote Server box shows some other websites that I have (running Wordpress), and that my “images” folder (and some others) were uploaded as “directories” on the same level as my site folder … I’m new to web design, and I don’t know how DreamHost “thinks”, but I feel like the issue might be with directories vs files.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Your site is looking for images in directory “Images/SoilLikeDirtSplashPage800pxweb.png” but could not find it. Where exactly do you upload your images to?

Hmmm. I uploaded my images to wherever Dreamweaver “puts” things. That “directory” sounds like one of my files. Do I need to create a directory called “images”, and then put the actual files there?

So, after staring at it for awhile, I realized that the file you refer to is in a folder/directory called “images” in my root directory. Do I need to move it to my site directory?

You need to move your images directory to your domain directory. Otherwise it is not accessible by public.

OK. Dreamweaver finally allowed me to move the folder. There are still broken links that I need to fix, but my splash page actually looks like my splash page. Thanks!

In case anyone else is having this issue, here’s what happened and what I did to fix it.

I made my site in Dreamweaver, and told it to “put” its files to my FTP server. The problem was that when it connected to my FTP server, it connected to my root account, not to my domain name. Thus, my site was uploaded, but not the images I’d worked so hard on, so there was a definite whiff of 1994 about it. Since this is my portfolio site for my fine art work, this was a problem.

I tried uploading the images to my domain from my Net2FTP window, but no luck. After several hours over the space of a couple of days, I found this helpful bit of information. I went back into DW, told it to connect to the FTP site, and moved the “images” folder into the “mysite” folder. Then I deleted the “images” folder from my root directory. THEN it worked.

Thanks. It seems obvious now that I think about it, but I wasn’t sure.