Dreamweaver site on wordpress

Guys please help,

I designed my own website with dreamweaver.
Last year I had to make my own site with wordpress at school and I’m not pleased with it.

Since 4 months I’m on a internship and I learned how to code websites. Lately I designed my own website completely with working html and css.

Now my question.

Am I able to overwrite my wordpress site with my dreamweaver site?

And please if you have a solution, discribe it as easy as possible.
Or send me a tutorial if you know / have one.

Thnx for your help guys

You can do a variety of things. You can completely overwrite WordPress with a static site, just FTP in, remove all the WordPress files at your domain root and replace them with your Dreamweaver pages. You can delete the WordPress database from your Dreamhost panel. Make sure you get rid of the (possibly hidden) htaccess file, too, or replace it with your own new re-directs.

– If you seriously want to learn a bit more about web design though, your might want to try figuring out how to customize WordPress themes to look and function like your Dreamweaver design. Learning how to modify WordPress and other similar CMS installs is a valuable skill. :slight_smile: