Dreamweaver sends it where? (FTP)

hi folks
I have been pulling out hair for hours…

I finally got the FTP to work through Dreamweaver. I still see nothing on the site…

Dreamweaver has a space for a “root directory” in the FTP settings, but I do not know what that is.

DreamHost says this:
" NOTE: Your home directory is not where web site files need to be
| placed, and anything uploaded there will not be visible on the web.

If you have a domain or sub-domain hosted under this account, you should
see a sub-directory within your home directory named after it. This is
the directory you’ll need to upload your files into if you want to see
them on the web"

This is where I think the problem is, if anyone can shed light on how to find this root or sub directory, and if I am on the right track , I would be very grateful.

Hope this helps