Dreamweaver problems

I am a complete idiot as far as web design is concerned! However we are not born knowing and now I have decided I would like to know! I have chosen to use dreamweaver as a wysiwyg program following much investigation and advise. However I am experiencing a few little problems perhaps someone could help me with. I have meticulously followed the instructions at:


However when I get to the screen titled “site definition” the trouble starts. In the box “What is the host name or FTP address of your testing server” do I enter baht.dreamhost.com (my hostname as recieved in my opening email from dreamhost) or www.sapsuk.com (my domain)? In the box “What folder on the testing server do you want to store your files in” if I enter anything for instance index (then fill out my FTP login and FTP password) and click on test connection I always get the message “An FTP error - occured cannot open remote folder index/. 550 /index: No such file or directory”. What does this mean? If I leave this box blank then test connection I recieve a message telling me that draemweaver connected to my server successfully regardless of whether I enter my hostname or FTP as baht.dreamhost.com or www.sapsuk.com.

Sadly I do not understand wht this is happening. I am sure it is very simple really but I just need somone to explain it to me. Many thanks in advance.

I do not have Dreamweaver yet, but putting files on your website is pretty well the same what ever program you use as long as it is using ftp.
You don’t need to refer to DreamHost at all. www.sapsuk.com is your ftp host name. When you look at your site using ftp, it will have a root directory and a directory below that that has your domain name. You can place files below the domain name or create a folder below the domain name and place files there.
Usually your web pages are below the domain name with folders that hold your web graphics or photos, or cgi scripts, etc. By using folders you keep your web site organized. This makes it easier to update things later on.
I wish I had Dreamweaver, then I could help you some more, but this should get you started. Any question just post and someone should help you.
Have fun

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I use Dreamweaver.

  1. What is the hostname or FTP address of your testing server
    enter ftp.name of your domain (e.g. ftp.example.com)

  2. What folder on the testing server do you want to store your files in
    leave the field blank for home directory, or enter your domain name (e.g. example.com) for web directory.

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From the DW menu
[select] site
[select] manage site
From the pop-up window
[select, edit] site name
Under Editing files, part 2
[select] “No, I do not want to use a server technology” if are are not using PHP MySQL, otherwise select PHP MySQL

What hostname is whatever the hostname mailed to your from Dreamhost. Check here:

What Folder is: yourdomain.com

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Thanks everyone for your help, it has now allowed me to create a basic web page and upload it to my server. Only trouble is I cannot seem to get my web page to open as I want it to. If you wo to www.sapsuk.com you will see what I mean. I created my web page and saved it to my local machine as underconstruction. when I put or uploaded my entire webpage the page that I want to come up in www.sapsuk.com isnt there, instead I have to click the underconstruction link which links me to www.sapsuk.com/underconstruction. There is probably a simple solution to this problem, but I cant seem to find it, can anyone help please?

I prefer “.html” as the file extension; “.htm” is a relic of primitive operating systems that only allowed three-letter extensions.

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it depends on the server hosting the extension to decide if its valid…

you could have .x as extenstion for html pages , it doesn’t matter. It all depends how u configure it and most servers have .html and .htm configured already…

But if you were going to view it offline on ur computer which has no server you should still be able to view the html since you installed dreamweaver it will direct all your pages to it (if you allowed it during installation)