Dreamweaver & mysql

Has anyone gotten Dreamweaver’s dynamic content features to work here at dreamhost? I created a site, but when I tried to establish a database connection, Dreamweaver returns an error message:

1044 Access denied for user:
‘username@zangief.dreamhost.com’ to database ‘dbname’

“username” = my username (already defined for this database, I can connect using phpmyadmin)
“dbname”= shows the right database I am trying to connect to.

Is your database hosntmae correct? You need to create a hostname and use that, not enter the web server’s hostname there.

  • wil

Also, if you’re connecting from your home machine directly, you’ll need to grant access to that IP or hostname to connect to the database. By default, connections to databases are only allowed from within our networks.

Hm. Are you sure about that? I thought this was the case, but I’m sure I managed to access one of my databases in testing yesterday. I’ll check tomorrow when I’m back in the office. A NIC card has just blown on the router there so I can’t get into my machine from home. All fun. :slight_smile:

  • wil

I solved my problem. I keep forgetting that this environment is case-sensitive. I kept trying to access into “dbname” although the db is actually called “Dbname”. Once I changed that in the Dreamweaver connection script, it all worked.

Thanks for all the suggestions!