Dreamweaver MX 2004 MYSQL

So I’ve searched all over the forums and KBase and haven’t really found a concrete answer to my problems. I can’t get dmx2004 to work with the mysql database on dreamhost, i keep getting that 404 file not found error thing. I need to know how I can fix this so it will work. Please any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

have you granted access to your computer’s IP address, so it is allowed to access the database?
(from the Goodies>Mysql area of the control panel)


just tried that, didn’t do anything. I read that DMX2004 only works with mysql 4.1 and above, dunno if this is significant. I think the mysql dreamhost is running is 4.0.26 or something like that, is there anyway to upgrade to 4.1?

I’m not sure what version DH is running, but if DW doesn’t work with the version running here, that would definaly be a problem.

No, you can’t upgrade mysql on your own - it’s running on shared mysql servers.

Other people have done this before on this furm… maybe they can help out more…


Ya i’d hope that someone thats went through this problem and fixed it can help me out on how they got through it. Thanks for your help though.

I’ve used DW MX/DW MX 2004 to connect to various MySQL databases on different servers. I just quickly pulled up one of my DH sites and set up and connected easily to a MySQL database on the server, so the problem isn’t DH.

At what point in the process are you seeing this 404 error? What URL prefix are you using?

I figured out that I wasn’t using the right URL prefix

I figured that was the problem. :slight_smile: