Dreamweaver HTTP Error Code 405

I am using Dreamweaver CS5 and attempting to connect to one of my databases on Dreamhost. I have definitely entered all of the database information correctly, yet when I click on Connect or Test Connection, Dreamweaver immediately gives me a “HTTP Error Code 405 Method Not Allowed” error.

I’m wondering if this could be something screwy on DH’s side. I have researched this up and down, tried nearly everything except manipulating server-side attributes or config files as some people have done on other non-Linux platforms. Even tried a fix given out by Adobe itself - no dice.

What could be wrong here?

That’s weird that it’s an HTTP error, but I don’t use DreamWeaver. Did you add your home’s IP address to the access list?

Hi, thanks for the reply and sorry for my late one.

Yes, I definitely added my own home’s IP address to the access list. Still not working. Any other ideas?