Dreamweaver FTP very slow


When I upload local files to remote host in Dreamweaver it takes ages, with repeated Server Not Responding messages flicking up. It eventually manages to upload the files I’ve selected, but it takes forever. Even very simple text and a couple of very small images takes over a minute (MaxADSL connection).

I have no problems with my other host (PlusNet) using Dreamweaver and using a standalone FTP client works fine with Dreamhost.

Are there any settings I need to change specifically for Dreamhost?

Thanks, Darren.

You might want to review the Dreamhost Wiki Page on Dreamweaver just to make sure all your settings in Dreamweaver are as recommended by Dreamhost.

In particular, double-check the “use passive ftp” setting (it should be “checked”) if you are using the FTP & RDS server method. I have never used the “site” method, so I can’t comment on that :wink: Good Luck!


Great, that’s done it. As you predicted, it was the passive ftp setting.

I searched the wiki for Dreamweaver Slow FTP before posting here and didn’t find this setup tutorial.

Thanks for the help.

:slight_smile: You are welcome! I’m glad it’s working well for you now. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries with different search terms to find what’s out there with any of these “searches”. :wink: