Dreamweaver ftp- need help asap

i am using the program dreamweaver and i can’t log onto the ftp through it for some reason! I need to know how to connect correctly with dream weaver! on filezilla i can log on no problem but then when i upload web pages pictures and flash files are unseeable! can any one help?

What error are you getting?

Connecting to Dreamweaver for ftp, is one thing and we can help walk you through that. You seek help asap though, so here’s something that can probably get you fixed right away.

For some reason, that I simply can’t understand, Dreamweaver inserts fully qualified image paths by default, rather than relative paths. Meaning your image located on “c:\inetpub\wwwroot\site\images\thingy.gif” may work when browsing the file locally, but it simply can’t work from your host.

View the source of your uploaded webpage, even though you used filezilla to upload it, and check the paths to your images. Do they look like the ones above, or are they relative like “/images/thingy.gif” ?

If they look like the first, you can modify them by hand and reupload for the fastest possible resolution. More info on DW coming up.


Maybe you should post the address of the page so we can look at the source code.