Dreamweaver FTP mac 0sx

Hi there!
So I set up my account, and I can ftp in no problem with transmit3, but when I try to ftp in dreamweaver mx I can’t get it to log in.
All my information works or Transmit ftp wouldn’t work-ahhhh
I have read the forums, but haven’t found a solution.

I’ve been able to upload from my Mac using DWMX just fine.

What error is DWMX throwing at you when you try?


I use DreamWeaver all the time and the only thing I have to always remember to check is the “Use passive FTP” checkbox under the Advanced tab of Remote Info. I think this is due to me using a router (but that was a while back when I figured this out.)


Thanks for the help and sorry about the wait in replying.
My dreamweaver works now,