Dreamweaver form

I’m trying use a form made in dreamweaver on dreamhost. How can I accomplish this?

What is it that the form is supposed to do? I’m guessing email. Are you looking for help on specific parameters?


Sorry for the confusion. I appreciate your response. I am trying to implement a form done in dreamweaver cs3. I want the answers to the form items returned to my email. I have set this up in dreamweaver without any external script. It is set to post and to mailto:myemail. It behaves as an email link and doesn’t go anywhere. I believe I need a cgi script, but I no longer see a bin on my dreamhost server.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

You could POST to the formmail.cgi DreamHost provides.



… more fields here …

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If you’re using Facile or Breezing, the return address is put in the form properties (Name/Email Notification). You’ll have to create a link to the form of course. Add the name of the form to the parameters when you choose the component for the link.


Thanks so much for your help. I’ve got it delivering my form info to my email.
Unfortunately, it generates a thank you page which I find undesirable. Do you know how to get around that?
Thanks again.

Add a “redirect” parameter that specifies the return page instead of the default. Here’s the wiki entry on formmail:


great! It worked. Thanks!