Dreamweaver CS5 Upload

Hi guys,

Probably being totally retarded but this is the first time i’ve done anything like this…

Created a site (well most of it) on dreamweaver CS5, Just wanted to get the front page up and I followed a couple of tutorials and the dreamhost dreamweaver wiki but my site still doesnt seem to appear.

I’ve competed the site setup and the test comes back fine, the remote directory is all uploaded onto the FTP and is connected.

only strange thing is that ‘mydomainname.com’ (yes my actual one) doesnt seem to work as the FTP server even though i’ve had the email confirming its active, i’m using the IP.

Probably something really basic i’m overlooking, but the browser comes back with a ‘cannot find server’ error every time.

willing to provide more info if needed.

any ideas??


I’d be glad to assist you with this. So when the domain was first set up, the domain name itself may not have worked as the FTP server/host name for the first couple of days because the new DNS was still propagating. As you know already, servername.dreamhost.com should always work. However, I just tested at webftp.dreamhost.com right now using your domain name as the host, and it worked as well. Make sure you’re not including http:// or www, basically. domain.com only and it should work

Cedric H
Dreamhost staff