Dreamweaver CS5 publishing issue

While I am not new to web design (i am a print graphic designer), I am relatively new to web building. So I have created my own site with Dreamweaver CS5 (mac) and ready to publish. All good so far.
I followed instructions to upload my working files to Remote server and to fill in my host and password details in the server window. It asked me to test site and says it connects fine. All good so far.
So when I now go to my website url, (which did have another design on it previously) it is now a blank white page with my name in small black letters in the extreme top left hand corner.
What have I done wrong?

I have reloaded the files to remote server; been through the whole process a couple of times, but with no luck.

Not sure if this is important but the folder name on the Remote server is simply ‘/’. It wont let me change that but that may not be an issue.
Any ideas anyone please, as my new business website is currently a white page.
Many thanks in advance.

Not sure how dreamweaver does it, but what you do is a) attach a domain which can be xxxxxx.dreamhosters.com or test.mydomain.com or whatever (this is necessary as far as I can tell to create a directory that apache will serve files from) (you do this through ‘manage domains’ in the panel). this will create a folder in /home/someusername/yourdomain.com . that is the target folder for your pages. I have only done this on a VPS server but it should be the same on shared except that you would be unable to see anything below /home/yourusername . If dreamweaver won’t do it you can just do “scp /path/to/local/file.zip username@yourdomain.com:file.zip” then ssh to it “ssh username@yourdomain.com” and move the files into place and unzip them (variously mv cd ls unzip cp mkdir as needed) “cp -r” is helpful if moving around many items.
[Mac: Utilities > Terminal — Windows: install PuTTY or maybe Cygwin — Linux: you should know where your terminal is]

Also make sure your site has an index.html or index.php whatever. Otherwise the web browser will only know where to go if you give it an explicit path/filename. The landing page is required to be “index.something”

On dreamhost, the directory where your website resides is initially the user you created to associate with your website, so ‘myfantasticuser’ would be created. One of the files in ‘myfantasticuser’ is ‘mygreatwebsite.com’. In here is where your website should reside. When configuring Dreamweaver, go into the manage sites menu and edit your site, under ‘remote info’ look for the ‘host directory’ and make sure that has the name of your website (ie. ‘mygreatwebsite.com’). Dreamweaver will now default to adding files to the dream host directory that is your WEBSITE not your USER.