Dreamweaver CS3 MySql Connection


I have been using Dreamweaver and mySql databases for many years with no connection problems. For some reason I can not connect to the database here. Yes I have added my ip address as well as domain (%.optonline.net). One important thing is that this is currently a mirrored domain and mirrored mysql since I have not changed the DNS yet, so I am using mydomain.dreamhosters.com & mysql.mydomain.dreamhosters.com as shown in my control pannel. Here are the settings that I have in Dreamweaver:

Remote Info:
Access: FTP
FTP host: mydomain.dreamhosters.com
Host directory: Tried blank and mydomain.dreamhosters.com & mydomain.com
Login: FTP UN
use passive FTP checked

Testing Server Info:
Server Model: PHP MySql
Access: FTP
FTP Host: mydomain.dreamhosters.com
Host Directory: tried blank & mydomain.dreamhosters.com & mydomain.com
Login: FTP UN
Use passive FTP checked
URL prefeix: http://www.mydomain.com & http://www.mydomain.dreamhosters.com

I tested both connections mentioned above (remote and testing) with success.

MySQL Connection:
Name: any
MySQL Server: mysql.mydomain.dreamhosters.com (as listed on control pannel)
Database: DB_name

When I click on Test or Select Database I get the following error:

MySQl Error#: 1045
Access denied for user ‘*****’@‘dinar.dreamhost.com’ (using password: YES)

Can anyone shed some light on my problem here. I have never had this issue with my other servers before. I know I must be doing something blatantly stupid but just for the life of me can not figure out what it is. Like I said I did enable my domain and IP Address as authorized addresses to access the db.

Thank you for any assistance.


The first thing coming to my mind is to check user privileges. But I think you should be familiar with all these. Just like to remind you that the IP address you grant access to must be your public IP address.

If you have any doubt on how to access MySQL database remotely, you may want to refer to this article.

I’m confused by your mirrored domain and mirrored mysql. Which one is a mirrored of which one?

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Hello Patricktan,

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I actually just got it to work. As you said I am familiar with the privileges and I used wild cards %.optonline.net etc. I used my IP address which is obviously a temp solution since it is not static.

I have been doing this for over 10 years, our dedicated servers use localhost so I thought maybe I was doing something wrong there.

After about 4 hours of playing around with this it turns out that the DB password was wrong. I wrote down what I thought that I had entered.

As I said in my original post, it was something dumb on my part. It is always the simple things that take the longest to solve.

Thank you again for your time and support.


Hey, I am glad you got it worked!

You are absolutely right. Last time when I made a stupid mistake was with a perl script. I did everything right but point to a wrong file. I even sent a support ticket the the company. 3 days later, the problem was solved by changing a variable value.

Sometimes we just need some fresh air.

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Thats what it was for me. I woke up, got my cofee and was working on it sine dreamhost is new to me. I normally use a dedicated server but one particular client has over 2 gigs worth of a web site. So i figured lets give them a try. So I set everything up. mirror the site since I dont want to change the DNS yet.

I play around with this connection for 4 hours and even write to support and post here.

It turns out it is my stupidity and I realize this while I am out shopping with my wife.

Again, Thank you for attemping to help me but noone can help when it is a stupid mistake by the user that others would not think of.

Like you said check the permissions and the wiki files which I did. Those are the logical places to start with somthing like this. When you are dealing with stupidity and the coffee hasnt had a chance to kick in there is nothing you can do.

Thanks again bud for your help.



You are most welcome!

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